Bob's House of Hope – a safehouse for young men in Denton, TeXas


Bob’s House of Hope is the first non-profit safe house in the country for male survivors of commercial sexual exploitation, also known as sex trafficking. We serve young men ages 18+, and are the only residential facility to include Ranch Hands Rescue’s innovative Equine and Animal Assisted Counseling intervention.

Who We Are

Ranch Hands Rescue is the only Equine and Animal Assisted Counseling program in the United States that partners abused and neglected farm animals with research-based, trauma-informed therapies in the treatment of clients with complex trauma. To date, RHR has rescued and rehabilitated over 600 critical care animals, treated and transformed more than 1,700 individuals, and compiled a growing list of over 6,000 community leaders to contribute to the recovery of our society’s most vulnerable members.


Our Goal

Sex trafficking is a national and global issue, but it is also happening right here in North DFW. In 2018, of the 10,949 cases reported nationally, 1,137 were male victims. Texas alone made up 1/10th of the human trafficking cases reported that year (National Human Trafficking Hotline, 2018). In working closely with local law enforcement, anti-trafficking organizations, fellow non-profits, treatment facilities, shelters, Homeland Security and the Governor’s Human Trafficking Task Force, Ranch Hands Rescue has developed a solution to help the unseen survivors of human trafficking.

Bob’s House of Hope is a safe place to live for male survivors to rest, recover, and rebuild. Our goal is to empower young men with the skills and trades they need to sustain themselves and reach independence after a lifetime of trauma. The program is a minimum of 1 year and a max of 3 years to ensure total trauma recovery.

The Safe House

These photos were taken by a resident learning photography.

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Our Story

When Bob started Ranch Hands Rescue in 2008, his vision was to help special needs farm animals by providing them a sanctuary where they could heal and live a life of dignity and purpose. He believed they were just as valuable as healthy animals, they just needed a little extra help. At that time, there was not a rescue for farm animals with chronic health issues, and Bob wanted to fill a gap. As he began working with these animals, he noticed they were having a healing effect on him both mentally and physically. So, with support from an open-minded trauma therapist named Kim, he formed the counseling component of RHR which became known as Equine and Animal Assisted Counseling.

This unique modality is built on an eclectic model that integrates several trauma-informed approaches all tailored to meet the needs of those trauma survivors who have not found success in other treatment programs. Once again, Bob sought to fill a gap in the community by establishing a program that works for the 1-10% of the population who need a different or more alternative approach to mental health therapy.

After a decade of successfully implementing this vision, Bob was asked to join a coalition to address the issue of sex trafficking in DFW. It was then that Bob came to learn about the complete lack of resources for male victims of sex trafficking. Along with his team, Bob discovered that despite boys making up nearly 50% of sex trafficked minors, there was not one facility in the entire United States dedicated to the recovery of male survivors 18 and up. Bob resolved to fill that gap.

On June 1st, 2021, Bob’s House of Hope opened its doors to these unseen survivors of sexual slavery. Finally, there is a place for these young men to go to escape the horrors of commercial sexual exploitation, and more importantly, a place for them to rebuild their lives and start fresh with the skills they need to live a life of dignity and purpose free from the ravages of trauma.

Quotes from Current Residents

"Staff has helped with my money management, getting to appointments that I’ve been dreading but need to do, and helping me get my classes in order. Staff has made me feel welcome and helped me work through anxiety attacks."

“I love it here. This is a bully free zone.”

“I didn’t know what it felt like to be safe until I came here.”

"Staff has helped me feel more confident with myself. I appreciate the one on one that we get and the individualized treatment plans because some of us might have deeper trauma than others."

"Staff have helped me realize the importance of taking my medicine on time, making plans and goals for myself, and working through my social anxiety."

“This program gives me hope that I can be more than the sex object they told me I was.”

“Thank you for elevating our voices and giving us a safe place to heal.”

"Staff has really been helping me out with getting what I need, applying and setting a plan for college, and really helping me pursue my career and life goals. Staff has given me great advice and has helped me stay within the healthy boundaries set at the house."

"Staff has really helped me get my life back together one step at a time. The staff and the service is great. I love them with a passion. They’ve done a lot for me and everyone here. They have helped me with my drivers license, my GED, my bank account, and my other needs like that."

“This is a dream come true for me.”


With the addition of Bob’s House of Hope, the ranch will give hope to even more people who have been living through highly destructive cycles of abuse and slavery. As Bob said, if we don’t provide shelter for victims of sex trafficking, their abusers are extremely likely to find them, and bring them back into the trade.

Jane Nelson
Texas State Senator

We think about sexploitation as something that happens somewhere else in another country far away from us, but it’s of epidemic proportions right here in the United States. Ranch Hands Rescue is a miraculous place that takes maimed, injured, abused animals, heals them, and brings in through experts and their care, young people who come in and bond with these abused animals. Abused children bonding with abused animals has been a light that has shone on mental illness and emotional difficulties.

Mrs. Ruta Lee
Venerable Actress

Now that I have learned from Bob about the sex trafficking of boys, I often wonder how many of these young men I have overlooked during my 30 years in law enforcement not knowing they were victims. It breaks my heart. I am proud that we now have a place for them in my home.

Tracy Murphree
Denton County Sheriff

I know firsthand the difference that Ranch Hands Rescue is making in the community and I have no doubt that they will be an able and effective steward of the program. RHR has consistently demonstrated the ability to provide professional and compassionate services to individuals who have experienced the most traumatic events. Simply put, RHR has a reputation for excellence in trauma-informed care and services and is well known and respected through Denton County and across the State of Texas.

Pamela Gutierrez
Executive Director of Denton County MHMR Center

When I first met Bob, I was so impressed with his organization where he takes abused and neglected animals and refurbishes them and uses them for children that have been abused and neglected. It takes a special person to have that type of vision and I really respect him for that. He changes people’s lives, and it’s not just with kids, but also veterans and other individuals.

Paul Johnson
District Attorney

Bob Williams, my new hero, has launched Bob’s House of Hope, the only safe house in America for abused boys between 17 and 24, who are somehow dragged into the sex trade. […] Please do whatever you can to help Bob build his dream house, Bob’s House of Hope.

Harry Hamlin
Actor and Activist

The relationship and bond between animals and people is amazing. I read that kids who have been through abuse feel more comfortable telling their problems to animals, so it’s a win-win situation. I know that these times are tough, but I’m asking you to support this organization and give as much as you can.

Tony Casillas
Football Legend

One of the problems that we have here in Texas is that we are the number one state in the United States of America for human and sex trafficking. It’s something that we have to rectify. I think that this is something, that regardless of your political affiliation, we can join hands and make sure we end human and sex trafficking and support Ranch Hands Rescue.

Lt. Col Allen West
Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas

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